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We know how much you want a free IPTV app to watch tv, especially when you’ve paid the channel service. Therefore, we’ve collected the most popular and stable free IPTV apps to run on your device

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Important: we provide IPTV packages both compatible/incompatible with VPN You may or may not know what a VPN is; it
We will send you username/password/server url and m3u by default you can either put username or m3u on your deviceXtream
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how to set up iptv on your device (1)
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Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars per year on cable only to receive limited channels? Would you like to instantly stream HD channels from around the world, while being a click-away from all the latest movies and TV shows on-demand?

Our IPTV service makes it faster, easier and cheaper than ever to watch everything you want with a clear, high-quality picture. All you need is our IPTV subscription and a device connected to the internet and you can choose from the world’s largest selection of IPTV channels!

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Most frequent questions and answers

IPTV stands for “internet protocol television.” The “IP” in IPTV is the same as the one in your IP address or VoIP (voice over IP). All that means is television programming is being communicated using the internet protocol.

  1. High-speed Internet connection (recommended or higher) at least 5.0 Mbps.
  2. A functioning Smart TV (which is able to be installed with third-party Apps).
  3. The subscription of the IPTV from us(username, password, url)


Our IPTV subscription code supports one connection at any given time, we recommend that you get one code for each device as this is a stable way to watch channels from us

No, you can watch our iptv channels on almost any electronic devices, to name a few, Android smart phone, tv box, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Samsung tv, Nvidia Shield, etc

The M3U list is a text file format which contains information regarding the channel list such as the name of the channels, the URL of the channel source and channel reference number divided to different groups of countries for the ease of access. M3U is the most used format for all IPTV devices.

in M3u list with options , Channels and videos can be assigned in different groups (Bouquets).

  • Check if you entered your activation details correctly. Especially when it involves letter ‘O’,’i’ they can be easily mistyped as number ‘0’ and ‘1’
  • Check your network connection, reboot your router and device, and then try again.
  • If you have PC/Laptop, etc. connected to same internet network check if you are not overloading your network with downloading or watching movies
  • Your Internet needs to be minimum 5 Mbit Download and 1 Mbit upload speed.
  • Restart your router, modem and device and wait for 30 sec before turning them back on
  • If you tried with wired connection, please switch to wireless WiFi or vice versa
  • If your network connection is no problem, please check whether your account is used on other devices.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling your app, moreover, we have a lot of supporting apps, you can always try another app
  • Check if your ISP having problems in your area

We cannot deny the fact that there is a small chance (really really small) of the server being shut down by the TV providers, this is true for all other IPTV service providers, we just want to be honest, if any IPTV service provider tell you than their service is 100% stable, he is lying. All we can promise is that we will try our best to keep our service stable and fast, 99.9999 uptime and try to recover our server ASAP. But if the code is unable to be performed due to force majeure, the code is also not refundable.

We are trying our best to keep our playlist up to the date, if some of the channels don’t work, please give us some time to recover it, we know exactly how you feel and we are also anxious than anyone else.


The Best IPTV Service in US/Canada/Australia/KSA/UAE You Can Buy

We offer most stable and fast IPTV service to people all around the world with affordable and reasonable prices

in addition,we will fix any issues asap and always find you another solution if it doesn’t work for you


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