Is a VPN Needed?

Important: we provide IPTV packages both compatible/incompatible with VPN

You may or may not know what a VPN is; it is merely a secure tunnel created on the internet in which data can pass securely from one node (computer, smartphone, IPTV box, etc.) to another node in a network connection. With a VPN, a third-party app or service will be unable to track your network traffic to know what you do on the network or data you send/receive. For this, it is recommended that you use a VPN service for your IPTV subscription.

Although not compulsory, below are some reasons why you may think twice about using an IPTV box without a VPN connection in place.

Most network providers like to block specific websites or even throttle your connection if they notice you have streamed a lot from a particular service. With a VPN, your network providers will not have a clue of the websites you visit, and even if one is blocked, you would still be able to access it tunneling through a VPN.

Some services are inaccessible from specific locations or are only available to some countries. Some VPN service providers allow you even to choose the place you want websites to see you browsing from. With these, you are not restricted by location, and you can access any service you like to use from anywhere in the world.

A reliable VPN can improve your network strength, and you need optimal network speeds for streaming videos on the internet. The VPN service achieves this by tunneling to a server geographically close to where the server of the streaming service is hosted.

VPNs are mostly used for protecting internet data. No matter how trustworthy you think an IPTV box manufacturer or streaming service provider is, you cannot be too careful about your data. It is always a good practice to use a VPN whenever you are using a public network.、

We most recommend IPVanish as a VPN provider as it’s more compatible with IPTV Service